Ed Zaragoza 

CEO and Founder of The Souls Desire


Thank you so much for visiting The Souls Desire. We are a community based streetwear brand from Southern California with an emphasis on people over product, with a simple vision in hopes to encourage everyone to work towards becoming who they are truly meant to be, and in the process, thrive to fulfill their unique purpose and their destiny.

I created this streetwear clothing brand to spread my message to all of you who are finding your purpose. To those who are willing to risk everything in their life’s to fight for their goals. This brand is not for everyone, but for those who believe in themselves. Who don't care how painful the process can be and never give up on the believe that they can become the person they are meant to be, with time, hard work, and necessary changes. Welcome to the The Souls Desire lifestyle!

- Ed from The Souls Desire